White Collar Criminal Defense

The Grail Law firm has over three decades of experience representing clients in criminal matters involving allegations of:

  • Wire fraud
  • Federal securities and commodities fraud
  • Criminal tax fraud and evasion
  • Environmental compliance
  • Public corruption
  • Healthcare/anti-kickback allegations
  • False Claims Act matters
  • Criminal OSHA violations
  • Bank Secrecy Act matters 
  • Customs violations
  • Food & Drug Act violations
  • Federal and State Controlled Substance Act violations

Administrative Actions and Appeals

Mr. Grail has represented individuals and organizations in front in a wide range of administrative enforcement and incensing actions:

  • SEC & CFTC
  • HHS
  • OFAC
  • DEA
  • PA Attorney General
  • State Medical, Osteopath, Dental, Nursing & Other Professional Licensing Boards

Complex Commercial Litigation

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